Aden is an industry-leading Occupational Health, Safety and Training professional with extensive experience in construction, resources and production industries. As Director of Dardi Business Group, he's passionate about making safety smarter and simpler to engage staff and stakeholders.

Aden has had previous careers in Mining Production, Construction and Maintenance operations which has given him a uniquely practical understanding of the commercial impact and practicality of safety 'solutions', focusing more time and effort on prevention, rather than cure.

Turning attention to 'upstream' variables, like design, procurement, contract instruments and employment law, he works relentlessly to identify and apply hard controls to manage risk before it hits the shop floor. - - Making Australian workplaces SMARTER. SIMPLER. SAFER, far more accessible and readily accepted by the coalface workers.



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Dardi Business Group was originally founded as My Safety Manager in 2016 by Aden Parker in response to the rise in tedious, compliance-based safety practices that relied heavily on unnecessary paperwork.

Dardi aims to make Australian Workplaces Smarter, Simpler and Safer.


  • Leveraging smart technology to build workplace data

  • Training staff - everything from basic tool use to HSE leadership strategies


  • Industry-leading Lean Principles integrated into every solution

  • Automating workflows, including registers and real-time management dashboards

  • Input of data - Workers on the shop floor can easily upload information where needed in a matter of minutes

  • No more jockeying reams of papers or paying for extra admin


  • Safer workers

  • Safer decision making

  • Less risk for your financial bottom line

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